Reveal the full potential
of your photovoltaic plant

We offer a new approach to technical management of photovoltaic power plants, built on performance optimization, technological innovation and digitalization.

Our vocation – to use the most innovative technologies and put our technical and commercial expertise at the service of solar installation owners and maintenance professionals in order to exploit the full potential of photovoltaic plants and develop a sector of excellence.

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A technological upgrade to your solar installation

On the basis of the recommendations formulated with X-Plore, we can proceed to a technological upgrade of your installations in a few weeks and by minimizing the down-time of your plant. Our global expertise combined with our technical financial and legal skills, allows us to support you from A to Z and guarantee a perfect execution of the project in complete serenity.

The most comprehensive performance audit on the market

It is essential to have a clear picture of the performance of your plant and we believe that none of the traditional methods are satisfactory. We have developed a new and innovative method, based on the analysis of real production data using unique algorithms, to accurately identify degradations.

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Lavannes (51)

Performance improvement:

Gain in 15 years (estimated):


Vezins de Levezou (12)

Performance improvement:

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Severac le ch√Ęteau (12)

Performance improvement:

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Montrozier (12)

Performance improvement:

Gain in 15 years (estimated):