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Give your solar system a technological facelift

A complete overhaul

Did you know that it is possible to act on your power plant to extend its life and optimize its production? Based on the recommendations formulated with X-Plore, we can proceed with a technological upgrade of your installations, within a few weeks and with minimal downtime for your plant.

Our global expertise, adding to the technical, financial and legal skills, allows us to accompany you from A to Z and to guarantee a perfect execution of the project, with complete peace of mind.

The Re-Store intervention

Four steps to optimal performance

Step 1

Feasibility study

After the X-plore performance audit, we validate the feasibility of the project, especially in its regulatory aspects. We call on all the necessary parties to ensure that the project can be implemented in the best conditions.

Step 2

Site preparation

Once the technical and legal aspects have been validated, we prepare the implementation of the site by establishing a precise intervention schedule with our technical partners. We select the most relevant equipment in relation to the technical environment of the plant, place the orders with the suppliers and plan the deliveries on site.

Step 3

Site execution

We ensure a rapid execution of the site, in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. We are in constant contact with our technical partners to ensure the smooth running of the site, with the shortest possible downtime for the plant.

Step 4


At the end of the project, we carry out all the necessary checks to ensure that your plant reaches the targeted performance level. The work is validated by an external control office which guarantees you total serenity for the future.

Support from A to Z

Legal engineering

Feedgy adds value to your investments by optimizing the legal and financial structure of your projects. Concerned about the constraints related to the sale of energy, we undertake to take all necessary steps with EDF OA and ENEDIS to ensure that your feed-in tariff is maintained and that all regulations specific to your installation are respected.

Renewable guarantees

As a specialist in installation takeovers, Feedgy ensures that the entire project is carried out in compliance with the latest technical standards. No risk for your installations, you preserve your guarantees and obtain new ones thanks to the change of equipment, for total serenity in the long term.


Experts in technologies and products, we find the best adapted and most efficient solution. For plants with strong technical constraints, we can also create and manufacture custom solutions. Concerned about managing your project from A to Z, we take care of your old equipment in order to respect the recycling standards.

How can Feedgy help you improve the profitability of your solar installation?

You want to know if your plant is still performing?

In just a few clicks, Feedgy allows you to accurately estimate the real energy production potential of your photovoltaic installation.

Have you noticed a drop in performance?

Thanks to our algorithms, we dive into the heart of the installation to provide you with a complete diagnosis and an economic analysis of your plant.

Would you like to discover our solutions?

Feedgy identifies the causes of underperformance and proposes concrete solutions to correct them and regain an optimal level of performance.

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