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The most comprehensive performance audit on the market

Diagnosis through data

It is essential to have a precise vision of the performance of one’s plant and we believe that none of the traditional audit methods are really satisfactory. We have developed a new and innovative method, based on the analysis of real production data with the help of unique algorithms, allowing to identify precisely the degradations.

The Re-Veal method

4 steps to take the right decisions

1. Data collection:

We collect historical production data directly from the power plants’ inverters. If necessary, we implement a measurement campaign to have the most accurate and detailed information possible.

2. Data analysis:

Using our innovative and unique algorithms, we analyze the collected data to provide you with a customized diagnosis of the performance of your installation, by detecting all the defects and anomalies that affect your production.

3. Recommendations:

Based on the analyses carried out, our team of engineers will propose the most appropriate solutions to enable your plant to regain the highest level of performance. For each type of problem detected, our team of experts is able to propose an appropriate solution.

4. A complete analysis reports:

At the end of this analysis, we provide you with a complete report, which includes all the elements of the analysis, the financial impacts of the identified degradations and a realistic projection of future revenues. We also provide you with a detailed action plan with calculation of the return on investment of the recommended solutions.

Do you really know the performance of your photovoltaic plant?


Analysis of all plant parameters

Dynamic vision of all production levels

Consideration of all environmental factors: climate, waste, recycling, etc.


Actions to be taken to increase production

Quantification of the gains until the end of the feed-in tariff

Quantification of the solution for an average 10% improvement up to 30%


Rigorous methodology based on real data

Reveal the invisible thanks to our analysis algorithms

Identification of more than 20 degradations and design optimization